How we can abolish puppy factories?

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It won't be long until puppy factories are a thing of the past, but until then we still have a lot of work to do. Here are three ways you can help to abolish puppy factories.

Contact your local MP. 

The MP's who occupy state and territory parliaments around the country are there to represent and legislate on behalf of the community, and as a community it is our responsibility to hold them accountable and make sure they do their job. Only when they feel the community pressure (and lots of it) do they finally start to act. We have seen this happen in Victoria- the first state to ban the sale of animals in pet shops and restrict puppy factories to only 10 female dogs, making puppy factories financially unviable.

Adopt, don't shop! Never buy an animal from a pet shop. 

As consumers, we have enormous power every time we spend money. Every dollar we spend influences what sort of world we want to live in. If consumers keep buying pets from pet shops, the demand for puppy factories will remain. This is why it is imperative for animal lovers to adopt, not shop, doing this reduce the demand for factory farmed dogs and cats. If you're looking to welcome a new family member, check out our ethical dog sourcing guide.

Speak up and keep spreading word.

It is so important that those of us who are aware of the reality of puppy factories ensure that friends and family don't get duped into buying a puppy from a pet shop or cruel puppy factory. We must keep spreading the word and raising awareness. Here are a few short ways to keep spreading the message:

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