Who is Oscar?

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Oscar spent the first 5 years of his life in a puppy factory as a stud dog.  His days were spent in a small pen in a shed alongside about 80 other dogs. 

When Oscar was rescued he was in a state of neglect. His fur was so badly matted it had become solid felt and this was inhibiting his movement. Oscar had to be sedated so that his fur could be shaved from his fragile body. Oscar also suffered from rotten teeth, gum disease, and both of his ears were infected. His skin was like tissue paper due to malnourishment and poor diet. He weighed only 1.4 kg.

Oscar's time in the puppy factory had left him psychologically traumatised. It took many months of rehabilitation for Oscar to gain confidence and adjust to normal life as a family member in a home.

Many dogs rescued from puppy factories are in similar condition,  often requiring extensive rehabilitation. Veterinary issues can usually be treated quickly and their recovery time is dependent on the type of surgery that is required. It is often the long lasting psychological damage however, that is difficult for many dogs to recover from, and this kind of damage can be incredibly difficult to see. 

Fortunately today, Oscar is a happy and confident little dog and his story is the inspiration for our work, and he is also the face of Oscar's Law. 

Oscar accompanies the team to public events and loves the attention, as long as he can see his human, Oscar still has separation anxiety which is understandable but manageable.  

Where once wide open spaces were overwhelming for Oscar, now he loves nothing more than doing 'zoomies' on the beach, or walking through a forest or park. 

Oscar is finally living his best life.