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We're calling for an end to convenience killing

Convenience killing, you might not have heard of it before. But sadly it is an all-too-real situation for dogs and cats in shelters across Victoria. 

Convenience killing is when pound and shelter management opt to kill an animal without a valid reason, for example, treatable anxiety (which should never be a death sentence) because it is easier and more convenient than rehabilitation.

The reality of convenience killing was recently exposed when a large shelter killed a beautiful greyhound named Dash, after saying his foster family could bring him back claiming he was ready for adoption. 

Dash, like all dogs who have endured the racing industry, had some anxiety issues. But he was a perfectly healthy, happy dog who was making progress and taking his new world in his stride. He began sleeping on the couch, cuddling with his humans and becoming confident in his space. 

Despite opting to kill him for anxiety, shelter management confirmed that a behaviourist never met or worked with Dash, his anxiety was not treated with medication, despite an onsite vet clinic, and no rescue organisation was contacted to assist with his care.

There was no excuse for him to be killed. But unfortunately, it isn’t illegal.

Picture: Dash in his foster home 

There are dozens of rescue groups across the state that would have put their hand up to help Dash and spare him from his cruel fate. However unfortunately, they are not given the option to take animals facing euthanasia, even though they are even pleading to help, and it would spare countless lives.

But Dash’s foster carer hasn’t given up, she won’t allow his death to be in vain, and she is demanding real change to prevent more dogs dying unnecessarily, just like he did.

She has started a petition, which will be officially tabled in the Victorian Parliament, calling for the law to be changed to make it illegal for Victorian pounds and shelters to kill animals without offering them to rescue groups first.


The petition is also calling for mandatory reporting of euthanasia statistics to force real transparency and accountability onto pounds and shelters, meaning they will have to share numbers and reasons for their decision.

Transparent euthanasia reporting and rescue-group access laws have been successfully implemented in many international jurisdictions with proven benefits to employee mental health, public health and safety, as well as a reduction of costs and increased revenue to shelters and pounds through adoption fees.

Treatable dogs like Dash, and countless other animals who have lost their lives at Victorian animal shelters and pounds, deserve protection and the chance for rehabilitation.

If you agree, just like we do here at Oscar’s Law, you can make a difference by signing the petition here.