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Our hard fought, hard won puppy farm laws are at risk this Victorian state election.

Ever since the Puppy Farm & Pet Shop Bill passed through Parliament in December last year, the Liberals and Nationals have been talking about watering down the legislation if they win government.

Once they saw the huge public backlash, they have since stated they won’t. However, The Shooters Party are allegedly looking to retable their amendment, which would remove the cap of ten female breeding dogs allow for 150 female breeding dogs. And we know the Liberals if given the chance will vote with them, as they also tried to get this change.

We also know that Victorian puppy farmers have been lobbying to remove the 10-dog limit.

We still have a lot of work to do and there is still so much to this legislation that needs to take effect, which could be halted by a change in government.

We want to see the entire piece of legislation be given a chance to be phased in, which isn’t fully rolled out until April 2020. We want to see the code reviewed to reflect changes in the legislation. And we want to see the pet exchange register implemented to expose backyard breeders and make them traceable so they can be dealt with and made accountable. We're sure you're with us on this.

We also know we have a better chance at negotiating good animal welfare outcomes with progressive parties with a proven track record. The Victorian Liberal Party’s track record on animal welfare speaks for itself.

When Peter Walsh was Minister For Agriculture, he removed vet check for dogs on puppy factories and litter limits after lobbying from the puppy farmers, because they didn’t want to wear the cost of having a vet check their breeding dogs as this cost ate into their profits. They also wanted their dogs to have unlimited number of litters with no hope of ever being retired from breeding and Peter Walsh listened - changing the code to protect puppy farmers commercial interests. He also fought to keep killing dogs by blunt force trauma in the Code of Practice.

Every Liberal and National MP voted against the Puppy Farm And Pet Shop Bill and they filibusted late into the night in parliament to try and stop it passing through before the year was over.

Registered breeders themselves state that "puppies should be born and raised in a family home” - making one thing clear – the only people that want 150 female dogs are commercial puppy farmers and their mates in parliament.

It’s vital that you contact your local candidate and let them know you don’t want the legislation watered down or overturned.

This state election, put the Liberals last. Because that’s where they put our best friends.

Volunteer to protect Victoria's puppy farm laws

If you'd like to join the Oscar's Law team as we hit the streets and polling booths to protect the legislation that protects our best friends, fill out the form below and we will be in touch.

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