Stop New South Wales becoming the cruelty capital

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Stop New South Wales becoming the cruelty capital

Strawberry slowly rotted inside a New South Wales puppy factory. Send an email to demand justice for her and all dogs languishing on puppy factories across the state.

TIP: Edit the subject line of your email to stop MPs setting up a rule to filter them away. We can't let them ignore puppy farming cruelty!

Strawberry was still a puppy when she was left to endure a horrific 4 days of pain and suffering so intense that it killed her.

She managed to deliver 3 pups before complications set in. Strawberry struggled for days trying to birth the rest of her pups. As she grew weaker by the hour, she started oozing green and brown fluid and she was described by the whistleblowers as smelling ‘dead’.

Her pups had died inside her and started to rot… and she gave birth to small pieces of her dead puppies.

On the last day of her short life, she was administered antibiotics, but it was all too late. Strawberry died in pain huddled around her surviving 2 puppies on the floor of her cage probably not far from where she was born less than a year earlier. 

This cruelty took place on a New South Wales puppy factory - in the Minister for Agriculture's own electorate.

With strong laws taking effect in Victoria, more puppy farmers are crossing the border. Strawberry's story is one of many, and there will be more to come if we don't take action.

Send an email and demand the New South Wales Premier, Minister for Agriculture and Minister for Local Government end puppy factories before the state becomes the cruelty capital.

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