Pass laws to fight West Australian puppy factories!

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Pass laws to fight West Australian puppy factories!
URGENT: In a matter of weeks, the Stop Puppy Farming Bill will be debated in the West Australian Parliament. Dogs in puppy factories across the country need you to convince key politicians to vote in favour!

If passed, the Dog Amendment (Stop Puppy Farming Bill) 2020 will implement similar laws to Victoria’s historic puppy farm laws introduced in 2017.

Ban on the sale of puppies in pet shops

Pet shops are a main outlet for cruel puppy farmers, especially given that registered breeders are not allowed to sell in them. Oscar’s Law investigations have found young puppies being flown in from interstate puppy factories, thrown in a pet shop window and sold to unsuspecting West Australians. These laws would stop that.

Approval to breed

Another key aspect of the Bill is the introduction of an approval to breed. This means that anyone who wishes to breed their dog in Western Australia would need to get approval from their local council. This will help to track and trace unscrupulous breeders, and shut down illegal puppy factories. 

Central database

If passed, the Bill would ensure every single dog and cat sold in the state would be recorded in an online register. Just like Victoria’s historic Pet Exchange Register, this would result in real traceability for companion animals. Basically, it would mean that puppy farmers could no longer hide behind a veil on the internet.

The proposed laws would also end mandatory greyhound muzzling - an outdated form of breed specific legislation!

This is a once-off opportunity and a vital step towards ending cruel puppy farms in Western Australia. We must do all we can to ensure it passes!

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