Get puppies out of New South Wales pet shops

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Get puppies out of New South Wales pet shops
Right now, thousands of breeding dogs are suffering on puppy factories to produce puppies that are sold in New South Wales pet stores. Despite huge support to shut down the trade, the Berejiklian Government STILL haven't acted. With an election approaching, now is a vital time to lobby them.
Puppy farms are thriving in New South Wales, when just across the border in Victoria, they are closing down due to new and progressive laws recently implemented by the Victorian Labor Government.
It's time that New South Wales caught up and smashed the puppy farm business model, starting with a ban on the sale of puppies in pet shops.
So far, NSW Labor (the opposition) have come to the table and are speaking with Oscar's Law. But the Government are STILL ignoring us.
Send them a message and let them know that if they support puppy farming, they won't be getting your vote.
A summary of current laws in New South Wales:
  • Puppy factories remain legal as does the sale of animals in pet shops.
  • Code of Practice isn't linked to any legislation that triggers its use, therefore puppy factories can operate without any inspections for many years, some have never been inspected.
  • The industry is mainly self regulated.
  • There are no caps on dog numbers, and no caps on litter limits.

It's clear these laws are not in line with community expectations and must be changed, just as Victoria has done. Read a summary of the new laws here.

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