Change weak Queensland puppy farm laws

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Change weak Queensland puppy farm laws

With the recent news of a puppy factory raid in Queensland that saw 110 dogs and puppies saved from appalling conditions ... as well as an application lodged for yet another puppy factory in Landsborough on the Sunshine Coast,  it is time the state government and opposition started to take this issue seriously. When a law is no longer acceptable to the community, it's time that the law was changed. 

To keep up to date with this latest puppy factory application follow this page set up by the local community.

We also encourage you to email the Queensland State Government and opposition using the form below and urge them to review and amend current legislation, following in the footsteps of states like Victoria that want to be known for kindness, not cruelty.

The current puppy factory legislation in Queensland doesn't actually do anything to protect dogs enduring life on a puppy factory. It's one of the reasons why some Victorian puppy farmers are relocating to Queensland. 

A summary of the current legislation in Queensland:

  • Puppy factories and the sale of animals in pet shops remains legal.
  • Implemented a Breeder ID system and since May 2017 anyone who advertises a puppy for sale must display their 'Breeder ID number' including in all online ads. 

New standards and guidelines came into effect on 1 October 2018. Key points include:

  • There are no caps on dog numbers allowed to be kept on QLD puppy factories.
  • There are no litter limits and breeding dogs can legally be bred from their first season 6-9 months (as long as they are 'physically mature, fit, healthy') until they cannot physically produce any more puppies.
  • Cruel back-to-back breeding allowed.Legal to kill dogs that are no longer required by the puppy farmer.
  • Anyone in charge of the dogs at the puppy factory can kill dogs no longer required by any means as long as its 'humane'. There is no requirement for a vet to be called. 
  • No time requirements for exercise, socialisation or enrichment as long as its 'once a day'.
  • Soft bedding is not a requirement.

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