Oscar's Tree - In Memory of Oscar

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I'd just like to say thank you to everyone for all the love and wishes sent our way on the passing of Oscar.

I still feel so desperately sad and I am trying to figure out my way forward without Oscar by my side, but there is comfort in the empathy shown by those who see and feel a broken heart - so thank you.

Over the last few days I have been thinking of a meaningful way we could honour Oscar's life. I didn't want to ask for donations as I know Oscar’s Law supporters are incredibly generous with their time, resources and finances, and it just didn't feel right anyway. 

I would like to encourage everyone to plant a tree in Oscar’s memory. Planting a tree helps all animals and is a very positive and healing thing to do. We have designed a small plaque with the words 


Oscar’s Tree 


In memory of a little dog that changed the nation

and left it a better, fairer and kinder place.



It can be purchased here via our online shop.

It's comforting to think that there will be trees planted in memory of Oscar and that future generations may just happen upon a beautiful tree with this little plaque one day and say his name out loud.

Your tree may be in your backyard, or in a pot, or at a courtyard at your workplace - what ever you decide to plant, please tag us and use #OscarsTree in a photo. I would love to see your tree and know Oscar is remembered and his legacy is helping birds, bees, wildlife and the environment.

This isn't a fundraiser. We are selling these at cost price. It's more important to be able to collectively do something positive and healing, and spend this moment in time honouring Oscar’s memory.

Our pets are family. They give us so much and it's important we give ourselves the space and time we need to grieve the crushing loss of a beloved family member.


I am so grateful for Oscar, his life was his message and his message resonated and empowered people to work together to bring about change. He was my best friend and my greatest teacher and I will miss him every single day.

So thank you for all your kind words, the support has been quite overwhelming. And please plant a tree for Oscar.


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