MEDIA RELEASE: Over 144,000 emails opposing Sunshine Coast puppy factory sent to local council

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MEDIA RELEASE: Over 144,000 emails opposing Sunshine Coast puppy factory sent to local council

Dog lovers across the country have sent over 144,000 emails opposing the development of a new puppy factory on the Sunshine Coast.

Australia’s most prominent anti-puppy farm organisation, Oscar’s Law, set up the online action to send an objection to the Sunshine Coast Council, with thousands of people across the country completing it.

If approved, the puppy factory would allow up to 60 breeding dogs, churning out hundreds of puppies to be sold online or in pet shops each year. In Queensland, dogs on puppy factories have very little protection, and can be bred as young as 6 months of age right up until they can no longer produce, and can be discarded when no longer useful without even having a vet present.

Oscar’s Law Founder, Debra Tranter, says this demonstrates the wide-spread opposition to puppy factories, and is calling on the Sunshine Coast Council to make the right decision and reject the cruel proposal.

Objections to the proposal at Steve Irwin Way, Landsborough close tomorrow (24 June 2020).

Quotes attributable to Debra Tranter, Oscar’s Law Founder:

"It’s 2020 - we should be shutting down puppy factories, not building new ones. That’s exactly what we have done in Victoria, yet the Queensland Labor Government refuses to take real action to stop cruel puppy farming.”

"In Queensland, there are no litter limits and breeding dogs can legally be bred from their first season until they cannot physically produce any more puppies. Cruel back-to-back breeding is allowed, and it is legal to kill dogs that are no longer needed by the puppy farmer,  with no requirement for a vet to be called.”

"It's not even a requirement to give soft bedding, as dogs suffer day in and out on concrete floors with no enrichment.”

"It’s a relief to see thousands of Queenslanders and other Australians rejecting this cruel proposal. Now it’s up to Sunshine Coast Council to listen and make the right decision.”
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