Greta & Aggy

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This is the tale of two puppy factory dogs and their freedom.

This is Greta.

 And this is Aggy.

Two months ago, Greta & Aggy were living in a Victorian puppy factory. Greta had been there for 3 years, and Aggy had been there for 7. 

They were born on the puppy factory, and knew nothing but the cage walls and concrete floors beneath them for their entire lives.

Until now.

After years of churning out puppy factories for a pet store in one of Australia's largest shopping centres, they are finally free. The puppy farmer surrendered them to us, along with 7 other 'spent' breeding dogs. We immediately picked them up and drove them to freedom.

At first, they were really scared. They had never experienced live outside of their cage. But with a little love, kindness and most importantly, time —Greta and Aggy are making progress every single day.

 Now they love playing.

Adventuring and going in the car.

Making new friends.

... and snoozin' together.

They still have a long way to go to become 'normal' dogs, and they might not ever totally heal after all they have been through, but with every day that goes by, they're learning that not all humans are bad.

(And not all cats are scary).

Greta & Aggy are safe, loved and will never be treated as breeding machines. Ever again. Just like all dogs deserve.

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