BUSHFIRES: How you can help those helping animals

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As fires rage across Australia, a state of disaster has been declared in Victoria and a state of emergency in New South Wales, with other fires burning elsewhere. Millions of animals are dead and hundreds of thousands more will perish over coming days as a result of these killer bushfires.

The destruction, death and injury these fires have caused has left many feeling helpless and scared. But there are things you can do to help.

This blog post will focus on how you can help animals that have been left displaced, injured and homeless. For information on how you can help communities, visit Vic Emergency Relief & Recovery.

We will continue to update lists throughout coming weeks but for now here's a few ways you can help.


Mallacoota Wildlife Shelter has received 10 injured koalas in last 24 hours. They require donations at this stage.
Mallacoota Wildlife Shelter
BSB: 062649
Acc: 10126146

Goongerah Wombat Orphanage have been impacted by fires at their property and require donations to care for their 40 wombats in care. Click here to read the heartwarming survival story of their wombats.

Warriors for Wildlife have a wish list set up on their facebook page. They also require donations.
Warriors for Wildlife
BSB: 633000
Acc: 156476087

Wildlife Victoria require financial assistance to distribute funds to carers across the states and provide direct emergency assistance on the ground.

Raymond Island Koala and Wildlife Shelter have been impacted by fires but continue to take in wildlife. You can donate to them here.


Koalas in Care Inc have enough in product donations but are still in need of financial support.
Koalas in Care Inc.
BSB: 932000
Acc: 500079257

Peanuts Wellbeing Sanctuary are in need of donations for urgent food, fencing and housing reinforcements, vehicles and fuel and other necessities. You can donate here.

Shoalhaven Bat Clinic need donations for hundreds of bats in care to buy food due to the fires impacting suitable food sources. 


Adelaide Koala and Wildlife Hospital require financial assistance to continue medical treatment for injured koalas.
Adelaide Koala and Wildlife Hospital
BSB: 633 000
Acc: 152530911


Northern Valleys Wildlife Support are deploying experienced rescue teams in fire-affected areas daily at - doing feed and water drops along with wildlife welfare checks. Items needed and drop-off locations can be found here.


Animals Australia are immediate support to expert wildlife vets to travel to fire-devastated areas, as well as flying planes full of food and supplies to fire-affected areas.

Find A Bed is a place where people with a spare bed and people who need a place for themselves or their animals can connect. 

Animal Rescue Collective have a range of ways people can help a number of volunteer based rescue groups:


As is always the case, it is the volunteer based rescue groups who have the least - that give the most. Please join us in support them and always support your local rescue groups.

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