8 Reasons Why You Need To Come To Dogapalooza

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1. It’s a dog friendly music festival (duh)

Now you don’t have to deal with those sad eyes when you head out for the day.

2. There’s lots and lots of amazing food

Check out just some of the vendors in the official Facebook event.

3. The lineup is always incredible

Past years even included Tash Sultana and Thelma Plum!

4. It helps to raise money for animals in need <3

Unlike other music festivals, Dogapalooza is run solely to fundraise for doggos and other animals in need. Since starting out, we have raised over $50,000 for animal rescues, farm sanctuaries and wildlife rescues.

5. You get to drink with your dog

This one is pretty self-explanatory. Is there any better drinking partner? (No, obvs, and if there is we don't wanna know about them).

6. You can meet other doggos – and your doggos can play

This event isn’t only for dog-owners. In fact it’s perfect for those who aren’t. If you’re not in a position to rescue a dog yet, it’s the perfect place to come for your fix.

7. You can meet dogs up for adoption

Lots of rescue groups will be pitching trade stalls on the day. Come along and see if they have your pawfect match. Note: no actual adoptions will be being performed on the day.

8. Oscar will be there

Unsurprisingly, this is the question we get the most. Yes, Oscar will be there. Yes, you can have a photo. Catch him at the Oscar’s Law stall in between his stage appearances, rocking out on the d-floor and taking strategic power naps.


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