Tell the Pet Industry Association to stop endorsing retail fronts for puppy factories 


The Pet Industry Association of Australia (PIAA) is the industry body representing pet businesses. Their Lifetime Guarantee Policy on Dog Traceability & Re‑Homing "guarantees that dogs purchased from PIAA member retail stores are sourced from responsible breeders” and the Policy "means consumers can purchase with confidence from a PIAA member retail store, knowing that their dog is not the product of a puppy farm”.

This could not be further from the truth.


Oscarís Law investigations, reported in the Sydney Morning Herald on 28 June 2015 and 5 July 2015, have shown that PIAA accredited pet shops have been buying puppies from squalid puppy factories in SA and NSW and selling them to unsuspecting consumers.  

Unimaginable cruelty and suffering exists at these puppy factories. In NSW, dogs were living under pieces of tin in sub-zero temperatures while others were stacked on top of each other in cages. In SA, dogs were sleeping on top of their own excrement, the stench so overwhelming that some of our investigators were physically ill.  Dozens of dogs have been seized from both factories by the RSPCA.

When PIAA was contacted by Oscarís Law and a pet shop customer about their members buying puppies from puppy factories, two separate PIAA CEOs did nothing to act

PIAA are deceiving consumers - they cannot guarantee their own guarantee and, by their own admission, do nothing to enforce it. Their false promise is enabling puppy factories to sell through PIAA pet shops, supporting an industry of horrific cruelty. 

Any pet shop that chooses to trade in puppies can only purchase puppies from puppy factories or backyard breeders and many of them work through brokers to make it more difficult for consumers to know where the puppies are coming from.

Always ask #WheresMum and don't buy a lie!

PIAA has a new CEO, Mark Fraser. Act now and send the email below to Mr Fraser asking him to stop supporting puppy factories and the shops that act as retail outlets for them.

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