We need your support

Landmark legislation is before the Victorian Parliament right now. If passed, it will ban the sale of puppies in pet shops and severely impact the puppy farming business model. But the vote will be tight and we need your help to show our politicians just how important this issue is! 

The key amendments proposed by the Bill are
  • a ban on the sale of animals in pet shops
  • a cap on the number of dogs allowed on puppy factories
  • a pet register which everyone selling puppies or kittens will be forced to comply with.

Your voice has never been more powerful! It's time to #supportthebill

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To the Ministers of the Upper House: (full list below)

Subject: Vote to support the Puppy Farms & Pet Shop Bill

Upper House Minister Recipients:

  • Hon Bruce Atkinson (bruce.atkinson@parliament.vic.gov.au)
  • Ms Melina Bath (melina.bath@parliament.vic.gov.au)
  • Mr Jeffrey Bourman (jeff.bourman@parliament.vic.gov.au)
  • Ms Rachel Carling-Jenkins (rachel.carling-jenkins@parliament.vic.gov.au)
  • Ms Georgina Crozier (georgie.crozier@parliament.vic.gov.au)
  • Hon Richard Dalla-Riva (richard.dalla-riva@parliament.vic.gov.au)
  • Hon David Davis (david.davis@parliament.vic.gov.au)
  • Ms Samantha Dunn (samantha.dunn@parliament.vic.gov.au)
  • Mr Bernard Finn (bernie.finn@parliament.vic.gov.au)
  • Ms Margaret Fitzherbert (margaret.fitzherbert@parliament.vic.gov.au)
  • Ms Colleen Hartland (colleen.hartland@parliament.vic.gov.au)
  • Hon Wendy Lovell (wendy.lovell@parliament.vic.gov.au)
  • Mr Joshua Morris (joshua.morris@parliament.vic.gov.au)
  • Mr Edward O'Donohue (edward.o'donohue@parliament.vic.gov.au)
  • Mr Luke O'Sullivan (Luke.O'Sullivan@parliament.vic.gov.au)
  • Mr Craig Ondarchie (craig.ondarchie@parliament.vic.gov.au)
  • Ms Fiona Patten (fiona.patten@parliament.vic.gov.au)
  • Ms Susan Pennicuik (sue.pennicuik@parliament.vic.gov.au)
  • Ms Inga Peulich (inga.peulich@parliament.vic.gov.au)
  • Mr James Purcell (james.purcell@parliament.vic.gov.au)
  • Mr Simon Ramsay (simon.ramsay@parliament.vic.gov.au)
  • Ms Samantha Ratnam (samantha.ratnam@parliament.vic.gov.au)
  • Hon Gordon Rich-Phillips (gordon.rich-phillips@parliament.vic.gov.au)
  • Ms Nina Springle (nina.springle@parliament.vic.gov.au)
  • Hon Mary Wooldridge (mary.wooldridge@parliament.vic.gov.au)
  • Mr Daniel Young (daniel.young@parliament.vic.gov.au)