Save the dogs left at Gwydir Puppy factory!


Great news!  The Gwydir Shire has refused the permit for the Gwydir Puppy Factory. However that now leaves 300 dogs in uncertain circumstances as NSW legislation doesn't allow RSPCA to seize them.  Please sign our petition to Permier Mike Baird urging him to put protective measures in place to save the dogs until a legislative outcome can be arranged.

Earlier this year, we exposed Gwydir Puppy Factory in Inverell, NSW. There were bodies of dead dogs scattered around the property, with one of them being placed inside a dog food bag and left to rot. All of the dogs there were living in appalling conditions (see below for full details of our investigation).

The puppy farm has now been shut down after 100,000+ people signed our petition calling for it to close -but under NSW law, the owner can do whatever he likes with these poor dogs.

This includes selling them to other cruel puppy factories, or taking a gun and shooting every dog. These long-suffering animals are now at the mercy of an owner who has made a living out of showing no mercy.

In Victoria these dogs could be seized by the RSPCA -but in NSW, no such protections exist. It's a devastating legal loophole that needs to be closed.  


These dogs are in limbo and are in danger! Please sign our petition urging Premier Baird to urgently put protective measures in place to save them while a legislative outcome can be arranged.

Oscar's Law has also written an Open Letter to Premier Mike Baird urging him to take action, a call which has been echoed by the NSW Greens Party

Gwydir Puppy Factory Investigation

On January 8th 2015, the Oscar's Law investigation team inspected a puppy factory near the town of Inverell NSW.  They discovered hundreds of dogs living in appalling conditions that didn't even come close to meeting the minimum standards in the NSW Code of Practice.


The dogs were kept in barren dirt pens, with inadequate shelter, no sleeping areas, and no beds or bedding.  Some of the dogs had been left with no water. There was no separate exercise area and no environmental enrichment for the dogs.  

The property has no plumbing and the one water tank near one of the dog enclosures was empty.

 With no taps or hoses near the dog pens, worryingly, there was no way the team could provide water for the dogs. 

One of  the most distressing sights witnessed by the team was a number of dead dogs lying around the dog pens, simply tossed aside and left to rot. 

The team were surrounded by 345 dogs, all living in filthy disgusting conditions working to supply puppies to be sold on the Trading Post, GumTree and other trading sites.

Our team found in one day, over $20,000 worth of "puppies for sale" adds from this one property. Tax free cash in hand!

We lodged a complaint and RSPCA NSW spent two days at the property identifying a number of issues. No violations to the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act were found but countless violations to the code were.

Gwydir Council identified a number of issues in support of our complaint including,

  1. No approvals under the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979 and Local Government Act 1993 for the activities currently being undertaken on the property
  2. Failure to comply with the provision of the Companion Animals Act 1998 in regard to identification and registration of dogs
  3. Failure to comply with the Animal Welfare Code of Practice for breeding dogs and cats.

You can read the council report here

It was further discovered that two separate puppy factories were operating on the property by two different people. Both puppy factories were operating illegally (without a permit) both were operating in violation to the code, both had unregistered dogs and both had dogs that were not microchipped.

Gwydir Council have now issued fines to both puppy farmers totalling around $90,000 and we are pleased Council acted quickly and took appropriate action.

Despite all of the above, the atrocious living conditions, the large amount of dogs, 345, the fact that dead dogs were left to rot near where the dogs were confined for breeding, not one dog has been saved from this property.

Another puppy factory in NSW continues to operate despite the owner being charged with aggravated cruelty, Read more about our investigation into the Guyra puppy factory

There is currently no legislation in NSW that allows the seizure of dogs from illegal, non-compliant puppy factories, which means the Gwydir Puppy Factory dogs remain in these conditions indefinitely. The legislation designed to protect the dogs welfare, has dismally failed them and instead protects the puppy farmer.