The Puppy Trade 

In 2013, Oscar's Law travelled to Singapore to uncover the export of Australian puppies to the horrific cruelty of the overseas puppy trade. The full story is covered in the October 2013 issue of Cleo Magazine.  We confirmed that suffering, confinement and cruelty occurs in all puppy factories, regardless of their location.

The export of puppies is not new, it has been happening for many years. Australian puppies are in demand as we are a rabies free country and puppies do not have to spend time in quarantine so they still have that highly marketable 'cute and fluffy' appeal that the industry relies on to make a sale.


We have focused on the trade in puppies exported to Singapore. In a 12 month period during 2012-2013, 987 puppies were exported to Singapore from Australia, 646 of those puppies were sent from Melbourne airport and the majority of these puppies were born on Victorian puppy factories. The puppies are transported to Melbourne airport weekly, often having travelled hours from rural areas of Victoria. They are loaded onto the plane and travel 8 hours to Singapore, here they are unloaded and loaded back into a van and travel out to the Singapore pet shops where they are placed in either a glass or wire cage. Their price tag in Singapore is between $4,000 and $8,000 hence why puppy farmers are so eager to export some of their puppies. The people of Singapore are told they are from 'top bloodlines in Australia' and having an 'import' puppy is preferred. 

Many of the pet shops we investigated are actually puppy factories. A 'shop front' is set up at the end of the sheds with cages of puppies, some cages have signs stating "import from Australia" and staff are only too willing to tell us there puppies are "Australian imports, top bloodlines". We noted many violations to the Singapore Pet Shop Licence Conditions Display and Sale of Dogs and Cats, and have lodged a complaint with the Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority of Singapore

 One of our investigators, Laurita, describes her experience, 

"I have been to many puppy factories in Australia and thought I had seen it all but nothing prepared me for what I saw in the Singapore puppy factories. Rows of sheds full of dogs, shop fronts set up at the end of the sheds with cages of puppies. I could barely hear the sales pitch from staff to buy an 'Australian import' puppy, over the deafening sound of the dogs in the sheds. Through open doors and holes in fencing we could see the dogs in their cages staring back at us. Leaving them behind is something that will always haunt me, and leaving Singapore with the knowledge that for the puppies that don't sell, their future is the atrocity of life in those breeding sheds. I hope that by sharing what we discovered it will further assist in bringing an end to this horrific industry"

There are so many organisations world wide that are campaigning to expose the truth about the puppy trade. Singapore has many animal welfare groups run by volunteers that are working so hard rescuing and rehoming many companion animals and promoting adoption. 


Some animal welfare groups in Singapore created this campaign to help raise awareness of what is going on inside Singapore's puppy factories. (Please enable pop ups on your computer to watch video)

The entire industry is based on consumer fraud, lies and cruelty. The export of puppies to pet shops in Singapore is just the tip of the iceberg. Please email our Federal Minister for Agriculture, there is no justification for exporting puppies to overseas pet shops where their welfare is not assured and they risk spending their lives confined in overseas puppy factories. 

Please share this knowledge with everyone you know and continue to educate and empower people. We have also shared our information with a number of animal welfare organisations so they can lead campaigns to share with their members. No one should be denied information that can create change and saves animals from suffering. The power is in our hands and together we can all create justice!

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