You did it!  We did it!  History has been made!

On Friday 15 December 2017 history was made with the Puppy Farm & Pet Shop bill officially PASSING Victorian Parliament! These landmark laws are an Australian first and end the suffering for thousands of dogs.  And we won't stop until they're implemented everywhere. 


After hours of debate in the Upper House over two days the Puppy Farm Bill has passed! This means that as of July 2018, it will be illegal to sell puppies and kittens in pet shops and for the first time ever, puppy factories will have a cap on them.

It's going to smash their business model and help end cruelty in the state.

 Over 20 years ago, Debra Tranter stood on the steps of parliament taking on a politician who owned a puppy factory. Now all these years later, thanks to the tireless efforts of Debra, the Oscar's Law team and everyone who has supported this cause, we’ve seen justice and kindness prevail. And we did this together.

Public opinion has changed because of every single one of you, and now our laws are starting reflect that. We won't be stopping here. We'll continue to fight until these laws are across the whole country.

But now, let's celebrate this enormous win. It's been decades in the making - and it wouldn't have happened without you.  Thank you for all your continued support.

We extend our sincerest thanks to Jaala Pulford MP for her unwavering support in getting this legislation across the line and to the Victorian Labor Party for delivering on their election promise. This was a hard fought win with the Liberal Party, Shooters & Fishers and Australian Conservatives Party opposing the Bill - yet we passed, with just two votes!  


Premier Daniel Andrews posted these words of support:

"Yesterday, we banned cruel puppy factories in Victoria. One of the organisations that fought so hard for this decision is called Oscar's Law...Yesterday, all that work reached its culmination.

We banned cruel puppy farms in Victoria. December 15, 2017 will be known as the day this industry of misery died in our state. It’s what we promised and I’m so proud we delivered it. But truth is, it’s not our victory.It’s really all thanks to Debra and everyone like her.Their work has made our state a better place.

They shone a light on cruelty. They fought so long for fairness. The beautiful, healthy dog that Debra is holding in this photo? That’s Oscar.   Premier Daniel Andrews, 15 December 2017