Act now and make Oscar's Law a reality!

Puppy factories are able to continue operating by selling puppies through petshops and online ads to unsuspecting people, and through weak, poorly enforced legislation which does not protect animals.  Below are some ways you can take action to help abolish puppy factories and make Oscar's Law a reality. 

Lobby government to change legislation

Together we need to call on politicians to acknowledge the community does not accept companion animal factory farming and to use their position to abolish this cruel industry once and for all.

Spread the word
One of the key ways you can help abolish puppy factories is through increasing public awareness of them.
  • Learn about puppy factories at our About section, and read our FAQ section to find the answers to many frequently asked questions, then educate your friends, family and work colleagues about puppy factories.
  • Ensure as many people as possible know to never support puppy factories by buying a puppy from a pet shop or online ad, and how to ethically source a puppy.
  • Print out this leaflet or poster and help raise awareness.
  • Print our cards and take them to your local pet shop to let them know they won't get your business! 

Stay informed

Stay in touch with the latest news and information about Oscar's Law and the issue of companion animal factory farming.